OTIS TARDA is a leading manufacturer of plastics for industrial applications ranking one of the most powerful polymeric products producers in the East European market.

OTIS TARDA is a modern, high-tech and mobile production with a 20-year experience in manufacturing plastic components for automotive exterior and interior trims, components for railway transport and a wide range of products from composite materials.

Established in 1992 as a plastic parts supplier for automotive market, OTIS TARDA has evolved into a top-level manufacturer of plastic products in the CIS market. We provide solutions for custom plastic injection molding, mold design and production, engineering and product development, focusing on innovative technologies to offer our customers competitive advantage in the world of definitive industrial competition.

Wielding a full cycle of production – from raw materials to the finished and shipped goods – our company is a spearhead of manufacturing products from ABS polymers, polycarbonate (PC), polystyrene (PS), acryl (AC) and glass-filled polypropylene (GFPP) using the production methods of thermo-vacuum forming (thermoforming) and pressure molding. Our extensive production capabilities are further expanded by technological solutions from thermosetting plastics (polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) and polyurethane (PU)) manufactured by Reaction Injection Molding (RIM-technology) with subsequent finishing.

OTIS TARDA boasts its capacities for performing vertical and horizontal CNC machining and in-house fabrication of tooling for prototypes and series-production items.

ISO 9001-2015-certified quality management system acknowledges high standards of our business conduct and our uncompromising dedication to growth and development.

Andrej Timoshenko

CEO / General Director

Jaroslav Les'kiv

Chief Engineer

Sergej Chulakov

Deputy CEO

Denis Fedorov

Chief Administrative Officer

Vladimir Kotegov

Chief Development Officer

Stanislav Chinnikov

Chief Designer

Vladimir Timoshenko

Chief Finance Officer

Ljubov' Timoshenko

Head of Market Development and Promotion Department


All the span of historic development of OTIS TARDA is a consecutive growth and achievement of new heights in production. The contemporary status of the leading company in the sphere of manufacturing plastic parts for agricultural, automotive, medical and energy fabrication industries has not been attained over a single day to which our lengthy and rich history as a company testifies.

Starting our business back in 1992 after the collapse of the USSR, in atmosphere of extreme political and economic instability, OTIS TARDA  has paced a long way of business – from first manufacturing projects on plastic components to introducing the most novel production processes. We have always remained true to our main cause – the highest quality of goods according to the strict standards and requirements of our client.

Over these years, our company has become not only a successful manufacturing facility in the sphere of plastic and composite materials production but as well a trustworthy, creative and powerful business partner. We traditionally stand upon our principal values – multi-vector development, significance of innovations and uncompromising quality for both our products and our business processes.

First production site of OTIS TARDA founded and established. The company starts from a small manufacturing floor, which houses limited amount of equipment and hardly fits 10 members of production personnel. The total staff of 12 people is working on the first large production project – development and manufacture of parts and components for ZAZ-1102 Tavria subcompact car by Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant (ZAZ). 

Expanding the product range, the company establishes the production of parts and components for ZAZ-1102/1103/1005 Tavria subcompact cars. In 1 year of development, the total product range has increased by 70%.  

OTIS TARDA begins establishing its own Design and Engineering Department aimed at performing engineering and product launch works for components produced from various plastic raw materials. The development of the company is ongoing – new computer systems, required for the development of complex units and assemblies are installed. Workshop capacities are fitted with high-level turning and milling CNC machining centers. 

OTIS TARDA becomes a player in the international market of production services. The Company establishes business relations with Design Bureau of LLC ‘Rostselmash’, Russia’s leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, on the matter of designing and manufacturing of exterior and interior parts for combine harvester coaches «ACROS 530/535/560» and «VECTOR 410/420».

Full-scale introduction of quality management system is launched at the enterprise to further endorse the highest manufacturing standards of the company. Upon the audit performed at the production site, the Company successfully passes the necessary inspections and confirms its right to own a certificate that attests to the full conformity of the production practices of the company to the standards of quality set forth by ISO 9001:2000. Methodology and requirements of the standard become the primary concern in the sphere of quality control for productions processes as well as the overall quality level of the produces themselves

OTIS TARDA launches an all-new product – inside ceiling panel for Daewoo Lanos, VAZ 21093/21099 subcompact cars, manufactured by Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant (ZAZ). The manufacturing site of the company receives extension by the construction of Pressing Workshop, equipped with high-pressure and low-pressure molding equipment supplied by the leading European and American manufacturers

The company successfully launches in production a range of exterior parts for Tractors of Series 950.3, manufactured by ‘Minsk Tractor Works’ (Belarus)

The manufacturing site of the company launches the parts produced from the ‘future of plastic materials’ – plastic polydicyclopentadiene polymer boasting high rigidity, excellent impact strength, and suitable for a wide range of applications. The production site launches a new department of Reaction Injection Molding (RIM).  

The company successfully launches in production a range of exterior parts for Tractors of Series 950.1, manufactured by ‘Minsk Tractor Works’ (Belarus)
OTIS TARDA establishes its own workshop responsible for mechanical treatment and machining of its products. Total re-formatting of the previously used machining centers is underway, and the manufacturing site passes through a period of technical refurbishment and re-equipment of the production. State-of-the-art CNC machining centers by leading CNC machine manufacturers (Japan, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Korea, Taiwan) are being installed. The company launches its own production of sheet plastic from polycarbonate, high-impact polystyrene and ABS-plastic

Sheet plastics by OTIS TARDA begin to be manufactured under company’s own brand Tardex®.

In the process of further development and technical re-equipment, the manufacturing capabilities of the enterprise now allow producing up to 3500 tons of sheet plastics for any sphere of application per year.

The company carries out full optimization of the Enterprise Resource Planning system, the reorganization of the production capacities, systems, departments and management system of the plant. In order to optimize control and management of the enterprise its operating structure is changed.

The company introduces software products concerned with administrative control systems and ERP software based on 1C 8.2. –enterprise production management

OTIS TARDA performs revolutionary adjustments to the production technology of components for the outer trim of tractors (bonnet). Hefty engineering capabilities of the company allowed developing and launching the prototype of unit fabricated to RIM technology (Reaction Injection Molding) employing novel polymeric material PDCPD. This engineering solution largely improved the technological scheme of production and brought forward cost reduction in manufacturing full model range of tractors, to which the corresponding changes were applied.

Ensuring the expansion of its technical and technological capacities OTIS TARDA acquires new equipment that allows to master the injection molding technology (pressure molding). This, in its turn, permitted to embrace full production process cycle for plastic components – from raw materials to the ready goods employing every known technology of plastic processing.

End of year will see the completion of assembly and launch of the automated painting finish complex with mechanized conveyor line. 

The assets of our company include technologies of blow molding and rotational molding, which allowed us to expand the range of products with plastic containers of various sizes. We are one of the leading manufacturers of plastic containers.

The production of canisters, barrels, drums with a volume of 10-80 liters, containers of 100-5000 liters, as well as temporary road barriers, coastal floating structures, and special products has been successfully mastered.

Representative offices of our company were opened in the cities: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Kiev.

Expansion of the geography of our representative offices allows us to promptly respond to customer requests, be closer to our partners and provide the required level of interaction.

We are proud that in each representative office we are represented by a team of highly qualified specialists who are ready to respond to market challenges.

Our company has launched a new design of stackable 20 and 22 liter canisters in mass production.

When developing a new design of the product, in addition to creating a new original appearance, great attention was paid to enhancing the strength characteristics due to the optimal overall dimensions and the special shape of the side stiffeners.

Depending on the needs of the Customers, the canister is produced in two versions of volumes, as well as in lightweight and reinforced (along the wall thickness) versions.

A new workshop was built and technologies were mastered: laminating plates, manufacturing furniture facades and manufacturing cabinet furniture. The production is equipped with modern equipment of the UNIMAK and BIESSE brands.

The capacity of the equipment allows lamination of up to 600 sheets per day, and the facades section is capable of producing up to 200 m2 of finished facades per day.

An automated line for painting products with various types of surfaces (metal, plastic, wood, composite materials) was launched.

The use of an automated conveyor-type line allows to obtain high productivity (up to 500 m2 per day) and to provide staining of class “A”!

A high-quality topcoat is very important in the manufacture of exterior parts for automotive and agricultural equipment, visible elements of household appliances and commercial equipment, individual pieces of furniture, etc.

Our company has started the production of polyurethane products.

The main advantages of this material are:

– a high level of wear resistance (six times higher than rubber in this indicator);

– can be operated in a wide temperature range – from -60 ° to + 120 ° С, without losing its properties;

– resistant to aggressive substances (gasoline, oils, acids and solvents);

– high strength at the same time low cost of manufacturing and repair.

The main areas of application of this material are the manufacture and repair (spraying) of rollers, couplings, shafts, bushings, tires, pulleys, etc.


Also this year, the production of 3D decking boards was launched.

It is ideal for decorating a modern country terrace, gazebos, or garden paths. This board has a deep texture, rich color and higher wear resistance characteristics.

Less wood is used in the production of decking compared to the production of wood flooring. By using a decking board, you preserve nature.


OTIS TARDA is an advanced manufacturing facility possessing every quality certification required to perform design and manufacturing of parts from composite and plastic materials on par with rendering vast array of non-plastic fabrication services.

Employing strict incoming inspection for raw materials and commercial parts, performing continuous control over ongoing production with samples inspection at in-house laboratory and executing systematic quality control of the finished products, OTIS TARDA has deservedly passed external quality audit, achieving certification of quality management system according to ISO9001 family of standards (ISO 9001:2008).

OTIS TARDA factory laboratory is equipped with advanced control and measuring equipment capable of analyzing parts with complex geometry and yielding precise analysis for every manufactured product.

The quality of goods, strict accordance to the standards of business conduct and modern quality management model are the core objectives of our work as a company. 

Our partners

We take great pride in our manufacturing resources and capabilities. We are also confident that we have the industry’s best and most committed team of professionals. Merging all the factors, we obtain the highest quality of manufactured products, the most optimal performance characteristics for every product and, hence, an indisputable reputation as an industry leader.

For our company partnership is not a generalized fact. We regard each of our partners as part and parcel of the closely related core family of OTIS TARDA that motivate us for new achievements.

Our Clients

Our clients are our prime asset, our incentive to reach new heights, keep growing continuously and staying at the cutting edge of technical progress. It is owing to them that we strive to evolve, become more powerful industrially, to diversify our business and to answer the challenges of our target industries.

With portfolio of clients containing for the most part OEM and contract manufacturers in varied industries, OTIS TARDA has achieved major customer support in Automotive, Medical/Healthcare and Agricultural sectors. We provide our clients with design, development and engineering services for manufacturing medical equipment, interior and exterior trim for a range of road, utility and agricultural vehicles. We take great pride in holding an extensive list of clients that granted their support and trust to our company.

Our Suppliers

OTIS TARDA is engaged in tight provisional cooperation with a global chain of suppliers to ensure highest rate of quality, market resilience and process flow visibility to our clients. We cooperate only with highly reliable raw material suppliers thoroughly selecting the best materials to supply our clients with uncompromising quality and utmost durability displayed by the final product.  We value our suppliers and cherish our business relation with them as considerately as with our clients for we are aware that smooth start in raw materials implies job half done.