Research & Development Division

At OTIS TARDA, we believe that production services start not in the workshop, but in the minds of those conceiving the idea of manufacturing. Our company is a team of visionaries, thinkers and doers.

We offer our research and development services to meet the requirements of every customer, aiding them at being unique and conforming at one and the same time. Our R&D is easily adjustable, highly flexible and evolving in its effort to keep ahead of the industry demands, rather than keeping up with them. With our clients facing challenges of ever-changing industrial standards, we are committed to provide leverage to balance their capabilities and endorse them in occupying leading positions with jointly developed products.

OTIS TARDA delivers integrated manufacturing solutions from the initial phase of project – the concept – through providing design and engineering support – to prototype manufacturing and subsequent serial production.

Design services for electro-mechanical devices

Design services for casting tooling

Engineering Support and Product Development

Finite Element Analysis for production projects

Cost reduction for existing machinery

Design services for tooling and jigs

Performing upgrades in existing equipment

Prototypes & pre-production parts manufacturing

Design documentation development

Thermal analysis (CFD)infrared signature analysis.

Plastic technologies

Thermo-vacuum forming of parts from sheet thermoplastic materials

Offering a complete cycle of plastic technological solutions, we employ the process of thermosetting (thermo-vacuum forming) for sheet plastics. With the thermal vacuum forming, we employ a vast array of materials including polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS plastics, polyethylene, polyamide, acryl and polystyrene. The plastic is preheated under a three-dimensional matrix with subsequent molding performed by means of vacuum or low pressure that impact sheet thermoplastic materials while it is heated.

To provide maximum flexibility in finished product OTIS TARDA is capable of supplying varied color schemes, dimensions and complex geometric shapes for its solutions in thermo-vacuum forming. We possess technological capacities to manufacture both series and one-off items. Closed cycle of production implies in-house fabrication of precision dies (molds) at our CNC machining equipment.

With the application of thermosetting technology, OTIS TARDA is capable of producing items to reach dimensions of 2500 x 2000 x 700 mm allowing to perform an overwhelming majority of projects requiring dimensional and shape flexibility.

Molding: polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) and polyurethane (PU)

One of OTIS TARDA major principles is challenging traditional approaches to manufacturing process and proactive technological advancement as a leader of plastics technology in the CIS and Eastern Europe.

It is for this purpose that we have successfully implemented the technology of molding from polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD-polymer) and polyurethane (PU) – bi-component polymers to fabricate affordable, high-quality plastic products with extensive range of applications.

PDCPD and PU materials wield practically unlimited potential in the manufacturing by RIM-technology (Reaction Injection Molding) with nearly universal application for the fabrication of automotive components (agricultural machinery, tractors, cargo and passenger transport), electrical equipment, railway transport, construction materials and hi-tech medical equipment.

OTIS TARDA holds full range of equipment, know-how and qualified personnel to render a complete roster of services for the production of polydicyclopentadiene (PDCDP) and polyurethane (PU) parts RIM-with RIM-technology.

Plastic pressure molding

Our company’s expertise in employing integrated technologies of plastic pressure molding give us a unique opportunity to offer cutting-edge plastic solutions for transportation, agricultural, power generating and medical industries. OTIS TARDA actively utilizes the technology of high-pressure plastic molding to fabricate housings for precision electronic equipment and exterior parts for high-voltage equipment using SMC prepregs (Sheet Molding Compound) and BMC premixes (Bulk Molding Compound).

In the course of plastic pressure molding, we operate sheet molding compounds with high strength characteristics and low handling costs as wells as glass-filled thermoset bulk molding compound with wide operating temperature range and high rate of hardening.

Pressure molding allows extending the range of manufactured plastics and surface finish options since the method of fabrication is interruptible hence the properties of the final product can be modified and adjusted in the process of molding with the inclusion of additive compounds and supplements.

Composite material parts molding

OTIS TARDA capacities ensure proper handling of medium- and large-batch production of composite materials by means of pressure molding through the application of GMT-technology. Employing advanced technological solutions and optimizing properties of our composites it becomes possible to meet virtually any mechanical, chemical composition and appearance requirements by our customers.

OTIS TARDA handles molding of composites based on glass-filled polypropylene. In the course of its processing varied outer trim options are available – polyester fabrics, vinyl material and other fabric-based components.

Our expertise in plastics manufacturing technologies allows us to select specific plastics matching every demand of our partner and, in so doing, to consider all the client’s concerns regarding stability, elasticity and other parameters of compression-molded plastic products. We develop an individual technological process for every product, considering all ambient effects (temperature, compacting pressure) and internal characteristics of the composite material.

Mechanical cutting and high-pressure water jet cutting

Production versatility of OTIS TARDA is impossible without adjacent technological processes of mechanical cutting, water jet cutting and dimension cutting of varied materials. Mechanical cutting comprises milling materials into size, edge dressing and preparing semi-finished products for further processing.

OTIS TARDA capacities allow to perform mechanical cutting applying top-class equipment – 5-axis universal CNC cutting and trimming machines that ensure highest quality of cutting, smooth edges and virtually complete overcut removal.

Employing water jet cutting technology OTIS TARDA utilizes on of the most efficient, flexible, environmentally friendly and energy-effective technologies for material cutting. Using water jet cutting equipment installed it is possible to process a multitude of diverse materials – from soft and ductile materials to materials with high rigidity and surface hardness.

Finish coating and painting

To ensure unparalleled quality of products matching customer requirements in respect of mechanical properties and appearance characteristics OTIS TARDA provides complex finish coating and painting solutions for its products. Equipped with full-size paint spray chamber assembled to the latest technological developments in paint coating, we advise integrated painting and coating solutions for OEM clients and top industries.

Our qualified painting professionals carry out paint coating application according to an elaborately calculated technological process. Paint process sequence and workflow are confirmed with the customer and are strictly supervised by our specialists onwards. This allows achieving ultimate results for the surface quality and obtaining products with exceptional appearance properties further employed for production and assembly of automotive, cargo, agricultural and other motor vehicles, medical equipment and other industrial technology solutions.


Implementing product development projects we target at complete cycle of design, testing, manufacturing prototype tooling and series production tooling with one final goal of obtaining a finished product with pre-designed properties and outstanding quality characteristics.

OTIS TARDA offers an integrated approach to the development of tooling and molds of any complexity conceiving, engineering and delivering remarkable results at every step of design process. Completing the design cycle our engineering department employs CAE software solutions to substantiate the process of forming, pouring and molding of the developed component or tooling.

Our manufacturing know-how, advanced equipment from world leading manufacturers, strong team of professionals in the fields of design and production – all this combined allows us to hold a status of a leading plastics producer, to constantly remain at the spearhead of technical improvements, adopting latest global manufacturing practices and mastering new trends in plastic technologies.

Following the trend to diversify the business and improve company’s versatility, OTIS TARDA has resolved to branch out its metalworking expertise into a separate division. The metalworking division is currently engaged in high-profile casting production and advanced CNC machining practices.

Iron and aluminum casting

Seeking to adopt extended manufacturing practices, OTIS TARDA has created its own foundry capable of delivering quality cast products from aluminum alloys. Aluminum castings extend our opportunities in providing customers with complete cycle of product development and fabrication, from concept and drawing to cast and machined component.

OTIS TARDA provides an in-house execution of pattern equipment for aluminum castings with modern CNC machining centers ensuring high tooling precision. Tooling design and modelling performed by our engineering department helps to eliminate possible errors in the process of casting.

Employing gravity die-casting and investment casting technologies OTIS TARDA offers top surface quality and pre-machining smoothness, highest dimensional and weight accuracy. Continuous quality control utilized in our casting guarantees zero-defect production for medium- and large-batch production.

Our iron casting capabilities comprise top-class ductile and grey iron castings with dimensional properties of 0.2 – 1000 kg. Iron casting processes are performed by automatic flaskless molding and vacuum molding with on-site casting core shooting and finishing machining processes.

CNC machining

Our broad experience and CNC machining expertise provides manufacturing capabilities for an extensive string of machined components for our customers from diverse industries. OTIS TARDA manufactures end-products and sub-assemblies from a variety of materials specializing in aluminum alloys, stainless steel and performing machining of copper alloys, ferrous and nonferrous steels, high tech plastics, castings and forgings.

Equipped with some of the world’s most renowned CNC solutions from HAAS, MECOF, LITZ, KOVOSVIT MAS, AWEA, Mitsubishi, TAKISAWA and Victor Taichung we set on delivering an unparalleled level of quality and precision for our machined parts.

OTIS TARDA metalworking services include:

  • Iron and aluminum casting;
  • Milling 3-5-axis;
  • Turning and machining;
  • EDM 4-axis machining;
  • Universal cylindrical processing;
  • Universal surface treatment;
  • Universal lathe rotary processing.

To maintain sustainable quality and proper handling of every order for machining, we utilize 3D control and measuring equipment and dynamic balancing machines by leading CMM manufacturers.

Tooling production

To supplement its diverse production capacities, OTIS TARDA offers its customers an array of tooling fabrication services for prototypes and series products.

It is not always possible to confirm the actual characteristics of the finished product based on drawing or 3D model. The risk of unexpected results that may adversely affect the performance or quality of the finished product persists.

OTIS TARDA offers its clients to maximize their opportunities while minimizing risks. We are extensively engaged in prototype manufacturing and prototype tooling production for every industrial sector – transportation, agriculture, energy, medical and healthcare. Providing our potential and existing customers with full cycle of development and production of prototypes and prototype tooling we ensure smooth launch of clients’ products into mass production.

We provide a complete pool of service solutions for development, design, implementation, testing, and launching the production of various types of tooling for prototypes and finished products.


Tooling and molds development

At OTIS TARDA our engineering team designs and develops projects from initial concept to design and subsequent production. With our commitment to develop and manufacture top-notch products, our engineering department is in continuous search for forefront solutions in plastic technologies, casting, machining and existing products upgrades.

Product development services are carried out with a range of CAD and CAM software instruments allowing to improve data processing efficiency and to optimize the preparation of design documentation.