Medical and Healthcare Equipment

OTIS TARDA is engaged in tight cooperation with its partners from medical and healthcare industry to develop and manufacture components for advanced medical equipment, which has an immense impact on the medical practice and literally saves and protects lives. It is our extensive knowledge and experience that helps us maintain a status of mechanical and engineering services provider for medical equipment. Developing complex medical devices, designing integrated healthcare systems and providing top industrial solution for our clients from medical – these are our main principles of production.

Our company possesses every capacity to perform full cycle of works for conceptualization, design, development and prototyping of plastic solutions and sub-assembled components employed within CT & PAT/CT scanners as well as developing and manufacturing plastic parts to be installed at MRI machines. We are committed to bring our customers solutions from plastic and thermoplastic materials to ensure high durability and extreme efficiency of supplied components when fitted on healthcare equipment units.

Among our clients are leading providers of completed medical equipment assemblies, world-renowned corporations, such as Philips and General Electric, which continuously source hi-tech medical solutions.

Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural machinery and components have always served as strategic areas of manufacturing for OTIS TARDA. This industry has been among the first to implement in their production and assembly components manufactured by our company.

Following the trend for full cycle service provisions for agricultural machinery, we handle design, molds and tooling creation and manufacturing of components. From bonnets and exterior trims to internal cab trim, OEM manufacturers in the agricultural industry continually cooperate with OTIS TARDA to perform design, engineering and production launch of new components and advising upgrades to existing systems.

Among our completed projects in supplying quality composite and polymer products for agricultural sectors are:

  • Steering posts, structural elements of the steering wheel, polymer blocks for “driver seat–steering column” assembly, handrails.
  • Full range of interior solutions for the driver’s seat.
  • Elements of interior and exterior décor for the roof of vehicles, roof deflectors.
  • Wings, internal luggage shelves for car boots, protective enclosures, masks and bonnets.
  • Cooler housing, coatings for posts and columns and other protective means against the effects of vibration inside the cabin.

OTIS TARDA wields every capability to manufacture full range of products for exterior and interior trims of any agricultural vehicle.

Automotive industry solutions

OTIS TARDA takes pride in its respectable status of parts supplier for automotive industry. We enjoy our standing as first line supplier for the automotive industry, manufacturing and delivering products for exterior and interior trims of motor vehicles since our first days in 1992.

Our company has established itself as a market leader in plastic technologies pacing its way from a small producer of separate plastic parts to the top of the bill carrying out complex production projects. Nowadays, ‘Otis Tarda’ offers its automotive industry clients the following range of services:

  • Fabrication of exterior parts (bumpers, exterior plastic parts, siding)
  • Manufacturing of interior parts and components (roof, dashboard elements, plastic components for steering post and seats)
  • Supply of plastic raw materials and semi-finished products for the automotive industry.

We offer our customers full cycle of project work, including design, implementation, inspection and shipment of products for automotive industry. With its significant engineering and design potential, OTIS TARDA supplies engineering solutions and provides dimensional software simulation of fabrication projects.

Our manufacturing capabilities with plastic materials are further enhanced by CNC machining, tool development and surface finishing works showing our flexibility in design, development and fabrication.

Electrical and energy industry solutions

Expanding its traditionally strong manufacturing assets OTIS TARDA has always considered diversifying its plastics business. With complete understanding and large expertise in the sphere of automotive and medical plastic solutions, we handled a new sphere of application for our production capabilities – electrical and voltage equipment.

In close cooperation with our partners from energy industry, we have come to supply insulation components for overhead high-voltage power lines. Manufactured to highest industry standards, set to withstand high stresses, impulse impacts, electrical action and mechanical loads, our products display outstanding load capacity and high durability.

In the process of modelling and product development, we observe all common requirements for the insulation to keep its integrity, be robust and unaffected by severe weather conditions and be non-conductive even in the toughest conditions. With top class materials, merging global expertise from various fields of our activity our finished product is highly reliable and cost-efficient.

Railway and rail transportation solutions

We commit ourselves to manifest utmost proficiency in every industry we work with. Railway transportation is no exception. Made to endure and tailored to meet the needs of some of the most demanding clientele, our industrial solutions for railways include plastic components, machined metal parts, full sub-assemblies, exterior and interior rims to be fitted onto railway units.

OTIS TARDA cooperates with strong industry players to manufacture unique products that would offer a complete coverage for the requirements of our clients in quality plastic, cast and mechanically treated metal parts and positive design experience. From handles inside trams to complex interior solutions used to enhance passenger experience – we are here to stay in devising best materials, top manufacturing practices and highest quality of finished product.

Our R&D department is engaged in product development for railways analyzing, optimizing and delivering their concept vision through product upgrades and newest implementations for technologies in railway plastics fabrication.

Other industries

OTIS TARDA does not confine itself to a pre-determined number of industries to work with. We are always in the quest for new applications, experience in varied manufacturing conditions, challenging our R&D and production departments.

Being a reliable supplier and a responsible market operator, OTIS TARDA has taken steps to expand its business outlook into consumer products (promotional products, products for merchandising purposes, POS-products, other products for marketing and advertising purposes (racks, trays, lodgements).

We are flexible and reactive to new industrial challenges and we are ready to invest and extend our presence in every industry where quality plastics and expert engineering are in demand.